Forward and Back and Sideways


It is a season of one step forward, two steps back, and a hustle sideways for me. Our family is preparing (bracing?) for an empty nest in less than a year and also a move across the state to make connections easier for all of us. Cobweb clearing is happening in all areas of my life. I am using my favorite cleaning tool—words!—to scrub away old paradigms. We are not starting over; we are starting afresh. The seeds of change are germinating and I am eager for the first sign of green sprouts.

Footnote From A Memoirist

Remember what it is

We are trying to do here:

It leaves you reeling and

Me exposed but lighter


It’s a selfish little game

The exchange is not benign:

You suckle on dark candor

I feed on your fascination


The success of our symbiosis

Balances atop one unresolved verb:





fullsizerender-10-e1518995507661.jpgA tiny glimpse. A sudden flash of tender memory. The reward for trying something new. And mostly just being brave. Exercising courage. A fluttering heart. Pressing forward even when it feels like having to start over. A tiny tap on a closed door—one passed many times but not today!—and the door swings ajar as if it was never latched. An open heart opens doors.

Autumn Space-Making

For me, it has been an autumn of mulling—no, not cider—but ideas of progress and forward momentum in writing and other areas of my life. I am making space for small daily practices, for touchstones, and defining larger intentions. Some days, I occupy a slow-moving meditation space pacing the neighborhood with my dog; most days are still plagued with some degree of worry and hurry within a dulling fog. It is a journey, not a destination; it is a challenge to keep the faith.

Reading has slowly been seeping its way back into my routines, and I am being a good steward of my reading practice, choosing material carefully, delicately, aligning my intake of good writing with my own slow trickle of contemplative writing. Recommendations of authors from writer friends, old favorites, serendipitous discoveries online and at the bookstore. A season of busyness balanced with the nourishment of good writing is a good venue for space-making.

Writing Memoir


The illusion of time is fraught with speed bumps. A memoir – my memoir – cannot be told simply by following a linear timeline. And structure falls away when I apply the concept of time. Add in the facade of space – that ever-morphing mist that cannot be corralled or molded – and writing meaningful memoir becomes even more elusive. The story must lean on the strength and depth of its characters; this is the key to captivating memoir.

Even now, as I type this blog post, I (the main character) am hurtling towards my next scene, whether it be revelatory or mundane. The story of a memoirist is always unfolding; I am continually climbing the narrative arc or descending it. Everything is part of the story, and my story interconnects with yours…

ART: The Great Enabler


In the past year, my writing goals have shifted away from “completed, polished pieces” to writing that achieves full expression. It has taken a full year to make the transition from school deadline thinking to viewing my writing as—essentially and fundamentally—a vehicle for self expression. Writing is pure art for me, not a means to crank out neat and tidy narratives to send off to literary journals to build a resume. This metamorphosis is liberating me from my dream incubator phase, the threshold of transition from MFA student to artist. (Though I aim to always be a student of life.)

With this paradigm in place, I have literary art moving through my soul, out my fingertips, onto this blog and released into the virtual universe. My art enables me to evolve as a person and share ideas on a global scale. Through art, I can question, explore, and encounter all things related to this human experience. Self expression is not only possible through art, it is a guaranteed gateway to self knowledge and progress. Art promotes positivity; it expands the capacity for change and advancement at every level.

Creating is all about revealing oneself – has self examination gone out of style? As a contemplative, I consider reflection an essential pillar of living well. Art is the great enabler of living well. Make today count, make art.