Autumn Space-Making

For me, it has been an autumn of mulling—no, not cider—but ideas of progress and forward momentum in writing and other areas of my life. I am making space for small daily practices, for touchstones, and defining larger intentions. Some days, I occupy a slow-moving meditation space pacing the neighborhood with my dog; most days are still plagued with some degree of worry and hurry within a dulling fog. It is a journey, not a destination; it is a challenge to keep the faith.

Reading has slowly been seeping its way back into my routines, and I am being a good steward of my reading practice, choosing material carefully, delicately, aligning my intake of good writing with my own slow trickle of contemplative writing. Recommendations of authors from writer friends, old favorites, serendipitous discoveries online and at the bookstore. A season of busyness balanced with the nourishment of good writing is a good venue for space-making.

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