ART: The Great Enabler


In the past year, my writing goals have shifted away from “completed, polished pieces” to writing that achieves full expression. It has taken a full year to make the transition from school deadline thinking to viewing my writing as—essentially and fundamentally—a vehicle for self expression. Writing is pure art for me, not a means to crank out neat and tidy narratives to send off to literary journals to build a resume. This metamorphosis is liberating me from my dream incubator phase, the threshold of transition from MFA student to artist. (Though I aim to always be a student of life.)

With this paradigm in place, I have literary art moving through my soul, out my fingertips, onto this blog and released into the virtual universe. My art enables me to evolve as a person and share ideas on a global scale. Through art, I can question, explore, and encounter all things related to this human experience. Self expression is not only possible through art, it is a guaranteed gateway to self knowledge and progress. Art promotes positivity; it expands the capacity for change and advancement at every level.

Creating is all about revealing oneself – has self examination gone out of style? As a contemplative, I consider reflection an essential pillar of living well. Art is the great enabler of living well. Make today count, make art.

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