Good Vibrations


To add to the collective anxiety happening in our country right now, I have been putting out some pretty intense vibes of second-guessing myself (gasp!) as a writer. I know nothing in this vein will prove beneficial. So why do it? As a contemplative, I absolutely have to do this when serious questions arise. So for the sake of this post, I will refer to these questions as musings. That sounds so much less damaging.

So there is anxiety on a grand scale and musings on a personal level. And a tiny crack in my belief in my writer self. I spent months wrestling with the idea of writing as activism via an online platform. Is this the best use of my time? Is our collective consciousness well fed by online opinions? This is the technology age and we think and form opinions largely by this monsoon of information coming at us 24/7. Perhaps we are overfed. Lethargic. Smug and proud. Drowsy in our complacency.

What about experiential knowledge? Is it being phased out by the global capabilities of the web? I can only examine my one small life. And I do see a lack of action. This is where the pen comes in but not only the power of words. There is power in unity and connection and this is how to combat complacency. What will it take for me to act, to promote action towards a higher awareness for us all as interconnected humans? That is my current undertaking as a writer and human. To uncover that particular motivation to move my pen, my feet, my heart. I want to live the experience.



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