I hear that God is looking for storytellers. Truth tellers. Brave ones. Courageous sharers of life stories. I am stepping up; I believe this is me. This is everyone, really, if you think about it; everyone has a story. And our stories are gloriously intertwined, weaving an endless tapestry of life, a beautifully textured fabric that begins and ends with—you guessed it—God. He is the Ultimate Storyteller, the One who can speak words and stories and life. I’m trying to follow suit, being careful with my words, both spoken and written, promoting the inhale and exhale of life whenever possible. It’s hard work, truth telling, story sharing; it is challenging (i.e.-uncomfortable) to examine myself and my life stories in a public way. But through the storytelling there is healing and love and growth. Through stories, the world feels a little less lonely; the tapestry of life swaddles me in God’s embrace.

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